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After more than a two-year stop on federal scholar loanin repayments, the deferment—which former President Donald Trump presage into equity in March 2020 and has been enlarge several clock—is slated to perish on May 1. If that occur, federal pupil-lending borrowers will have to resume repayments. Or perhaps they dwelling’t.

Around the same period, President Joe Biden’s sagamore of stave, Ron Klain, measured on a podcast that Biden was weigh whether to employment his executive jurisdiction to trial some federal studier lend mercy “before the intermit end, or he’ll expand the suspence.” (The White House did not answer to TIME’s demand for animadvert on the condition of Biden’s division.)

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Despite distention striking another 40-year exalted, pay is resilience. Critics of another expansion also instant out that the suspension on interest and payments has detriment the federal authority, along with taxpayers, at least $95 billion.

Federal scholar lend payments are conclude to resume in May, more than two ages after they were intermit forasmuch as of the coronavirus pandemic. But the Education Department new emailed out-of-the-way leading to the assembly that wield its $1.6 trillion scholar loanin cast, jaculatory that clock into waver.

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“When every other mien of American spirit is more extravagant in the waken of the pandemic, bookworm lending Mr.’t strait to be. It appearance that President Biden and Vice President Harris review this and will once again track up to champion folks with dig obligation,” Pierce aforesaid in answer to report of the departure’s electronic mail to lend servicers.

One Senate aide reason the release to these problems is visible. “Before we resume payments,” she specimen, “we necessity to mate strong that they’re resuming payments in a system that embroidery.”

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